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Unethical Business Practices

There is an old saying “bad press can spoil your status and business whereas awful lawsuits can bankrupt you”.

The best and easiest technique to avoid both of these conditions is just to evade unethical business practices. Undeniably there are plenty of simple and attractive methods to shun unethical business practices.

Always try to be honest and loyal with your vendors, clientele and employees in all of your business dealings. Whenever you are faced with a complaint, whether it comes from a client, a salesperson, a member of staff or from anywhere relating to your business, always try to deal it honestly and with less fuss.

On the other hand, burying your head in the sand and hoping that the issue will resolve will only lead to make the situation unpleasant. This will ultimately harm your good business repute in the long run.

Blame game is another bad issue under unethical business practices. When problems occur in businesses most of the people look for someone to blame rather than taking responsibility for the problem themselves.

This business approach is quite unethical which can abolish your loyalty to the community, workers or your own salespersons. If the problem arises because of an employee's mistake, depending on the seriousness of the problem, he/she may be fired but it is fairly unethical for the business to name that person.

As in the eyes of public, it is the company that made a blunder not an employee.

When any company adopts unethical business practices, instead of trying to solve issues, it always tries to bury them. It will even spend an abundance of money on advertising and improving public relations just to hide the problems.

Again, this is another unethical business practice which should be evaded. Whenever clangers or even little errors are made, always try to address them clearly and move ahead.

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