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Ultram Lawsuits


Ultram is a narcotic like drug that is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It is also known as Tramadol and should only be used on prescription.

However, due to its nature many people who were prescribed Ultram were not warned that it is addictive. And as a result there are people all over the US that are now addicted to this supposedly harmless pain killer.  

The main crux of the Ultram lawsuits is that the people who were prescribed it for their pain were told by their doctors that the drug was non addictive and could be used for as long as was needed without any ill effects.

This however is not the case, as the majority of people who began taking Ultram discovered. As it is so powerful Ultram can be addictive after a week or so of taking it and it is then easy to continue to buy it on the internet if you are addicted.

Although, many doctors will continue to prescribe it if you convince them you are still in pain and suufering. 

Ultram is not only addictive but it can also have side effects which, although mentioned in the literature that goes along with the medication can happen to anyone, not just the people listed.

Some people who have filed lawsuits against Ultram lawsuitswere previously mentally sound before taking it, have now found that they exhibit psychotic traits and suffer from mental illness.

This is obviously not something that you would expect if you were mentally well before you took a pain killer.  

Ultram have a huge number of Ultram lawsuits against them now and the number is rising. This is just one more instance of a drug being used and abused that what previously considered safe for public consumption.


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