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The UST scandal is a famous and funny virus. It often enters into your computer/laptop by unknown emails or spam. UST scandal is also considered among hazardous and nasty viruses.

Most of the time it is observed that UST scandal affects smss.exe files that are archive files present in windows. On the other hand it is also reality that it is not quite easy to remove this UST scandal from your PCs or laptops.

Undeniably there are plenty of ways by which someone can get rid of this nasty virus. Some of the most useful ways to remove this UST scandal from your systems are as follows,

1. The most efficient method to remove this UST scandal is to format the computer and delete the funny UST scandal.avi.exe and smss.exe files by showing supper hidden files after formatting from all computer drives.

Then install fresh registered window and do not install anything to your system until you have finished all. Then right click on your my computer icon and go to folder options. Then select show hidden files and uncheck all of the boxes below it. After that click ok then open drives from address bar and delete the two viruses from every drive and restart your pc.

2. In this method firstly install quick heal av, then run your computer in safe mode and press CTRL+ALT+DEL to open task manager and start speedy killing of UST scandal containing smss.exe / xmss.exe files.

3. In this UST scandal removal process you have to download the Funny UST Scandal Avi.Exe Remover zip files/software. Then double click remover.exe and
click on the “patayin ang tangahing virus button”.

This will eliminate the Funny UST scandal AVI virus from your laptop/PC automatically.

Another worst thing about this UST scandal is this UST scandal automatically closes.

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