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U.S Housing Market Scandal


The big family need these days is a nice home.

In the olden or "golden" days, owning a house was a necessity, you needed to own a home to have any sort of social standing in any community.

These days however, owning a home has become very difficult. Where it once was what people own, it has these days become a luxury, and a very expensive one at that.

In fact, owning a home has become so expensive that many people are referring to the housing market in the United States as a whole as the U.S housing market scandal.

It is a shame to learn that only the rich can offered houses these days, when there are millions of other people, average people in the world who would love to own a home of their own.

The U.S housing market scandal has become so ridiculous that even the house in the cheaper, or slum, areas have become too expensive for the people from that area to afford. So what happens?

The rich buys up all the properties rents them out to the poor, or average people at a massive turn around.

It is really upsetting to find out that this has become the norm in the U.S housing market, it is no wonder it is referred to as the U.S housing market scandal, because that is exactly what it is. As they say, the rich get richer and the poor. well, you know the rest.

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