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Top Internet Fraud Scams


Though there are abundant of Internet scams are constantly evolving but here are the top internet fraud scams currently revolving in the cyber world.

1. Phishing scams

Phishing emails always try to ploy the intended prey into visiting falsified sites camouflaged to appear like a valid ecommerce or banking website. Armed with the provided information by the users, the scammers can easily annihilate the sufferer's accounts, steal their credit card numbers, or even filch their identities.

2. Greeting Card Scams

Greeting card initiations / applications scams often arrive in your email accounts showing to be from your friends or family members. And just clicking the link to view your so-called green card typically leads to a trapped web page that downloads Trojans and other malicious software automatically onto your systems.

3. Nigerian 419 Scams

These days, another fraud is of Nigerian 419 scams. Again, Emailing is the favored technique of these scammers and there are copious numbers of Nigerian 419 Advanced Fee Fraud scams along with their victims than ever before.

4. Pump and Dump Stock Scams

In these frauds, scammers also send large quantities of email that often pretend to reveal some secret information with you.

5. Lottery Winning Scams

Nowadays another series of rather horrible and shocking frauds called Lottery winner scams. These often try to trap recipients into believing they have won hefty sums of cash, and then deceives them out of their own bucks.

6. Falsified Link Scams

Forging a link is among the popular and worst hallmarks of phishing scamming frauds. These bad links often came with automatically seeded downloading Trojans, and other internet based malwares.

7. Fake free antivirus download scams

In these fraudulent scams, scoundrel software speciously claims that your system is badly infected. Then this phony antivirus instructs you to buy a 'full version' in order to clean the mock infections.

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