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Top 2008 scandals


1. Hillary's Trip to Bosnia : After her fruitless campaign of Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Hillary R. Clinton made a point of describing a quite traumatic encounter at a Bosnia's airport of Tuzla in 1996. That later on, turned into a famous scandal of 2008.

2. Rangel hunted by Ethics queries : Rep. Charles B. Rangel , the New York Democratic congressman has been in a twirl of queries since July 2008, for a dubious gift from an oil firm director to his charitable organization, for utilizing the office stationary to solicit donations and rentals of apartments in Washington and New York, below the market rate.

3. Palin's Family grudge : When Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin became the GOP vice-presidential nominee, her political record came under deep inspection. Sarah had fired W. Monegan after ineffectively pushing top cop of the state to fire her ex-relative, a real state trooper.

4. AIG Scandal : Another top scandal of 2008 is of AIG, American International Group Inc., the giant insurance firm, which got more than $120 billion from the government in October as it wobbled.

5. The Mayor and the truth : Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick had spent around 4 months in a jail for lying under oath to bury an affair with his chief of staff.

6. Sen. Ted Stevens Scandal: In this famous scandal of 2008, Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was alleged for accepting illegal presents from a wealthy oil director.

7. Edwards and Videographer : Former presidential candidate John Edwards , found himself in hot waters after the National Enquirer exposed he had an extramarital affair with his campaign videographer.

8. Spitzer to Washington : New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer was forced to quit his job in March 2008 as federal investigators discovered that he hired an expensive guide during his trip to Washington.

9. Tapping a Phone : Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was allegedly by a FBI tape in which he tried to sell President Barack Obama's Senate seat for future jobs.

10. Madoff's Ponzi Scheme : In another renowned scandal of 2008, Bernard L. Madoff came under investigation in December 2008 after his two sons told federal establishment that their father confessed of running a largest Ponzi scheme in the American history.

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