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The Pharmacia-Nordica Scam


There are a lot of scams out on the internet, and they come in a lot of different forms.

The reason why people fall for scams is because they sugar coat the scam to make it look nice. However, once you finally bite, you find out that it's bad for you! Today we are going to talk about another scam that has surfaced, and that is the Pharmacia-Nordica scam. This is another scam that has taken tons of money from people, and they show no signs of stopping unless people stop falling for their sales pitch.

Pharmacia-Nordica is an online website that sells different kinds of medication. The main problem is that most of the medication that they claim to sell, you need a prescription for it, and they are offering to sell it to you without a prescription. Now that should sound fishy from the start.

However, that is not what makes the Pharmacia-Nordica scam so bad. Of course, that is the reason why so many people fall for it. They are looking for cheap ways to get prescription medication, and this sounds like the best bet.

So after they talk you into buying, you pay them, and that is it. Sure, you are suppose to get something in the mail, but it never comes. Now this is a company that will lead you on for a little while.

The first few times that you right to them by email, they will respond back to you. Most people can tell by the bad spelling that it is the same person sending the emails every time, since all the same words are misspelled in every email.

When you tell the person that the package has not come, he or she will tell you to keep waiting. However, the longer you wait, you will see that the package is never going to come. That is why people call it a Pharmacia-Nordica scam!

Then after you finally choose to get your money back, you can never get ahold of them again. You have to try and reach them by email, because you can not find their phone number.

Some people have claimed to try and call them on the phone, but they never get an answer anyway. That is why you have to stay away form the Pharmacia-Nordica scam.

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