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The Simplx Scam


Have you ever heard of the company called Simplx?

The truth is that you are probably lucky that you have not heard of this fraudulent company.

Here, we will take a much closer looker at the Simplx scam, and why you should avoid using their services at all cost.

The first thing which you may be wondering is what is Simplx? Well, Simplx claims to be a wholesale dropshipping company.

Some of the things which you will need to pay for include an application ( or startup) fee and a monthly fee.

After you have done so, you will get all of the wholesale goods which you are looking for.

Unfortunately, this is not suitable for you.

The Simplx scam is to make a profit for themselves, while making it so that you yourself will not be making any profit whatsoever.

After paying for an application fee and for your monthly charges, you will not be profiting at all.

And that's not all. There are many people who claim that they do not even hear back from Simplx after they have submitted their $20.00 application fee.

Some even claim that they do not hear back from Simplx after they have paid their monthly service fees.

If you are looking for a good wholesale price, chances are that you will have much better luck buying from a company which sells its products cheaper in bulk.

The Simplx scam is certainly one which you do not want to give in to, so avoiding this company is your best option.

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