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Teach Me Foreclosures Training Scam


The Teach Me Foreclosures Training Scam is also known as the Real Estate Education Scam.

This scam encourages and invites people in a seminar that lasts for about 2 hours. Of course there's nothing free in this world and the seminar involves some fees once you registered. It's indicated in the scam that the member will get a training CD course that teaches theories and strategies on Teach Me Foreclosures Training scam.

The CD also contains practical advices from real experts of real estate investing. Sometimes, the scam even mentioned some workbooks or materials are also included once fees are settled by the members. The CD course may come in sets and different titles that are very appealing to the members. It usually costs from $300 above.

Once you purchased the whole set of CDs for the Teach Me Foreclosures Training scam, there are three-day modules that you need to follow on a daily basis. For Day 1, the Cashflow 101 will be taught. It also emphasizes in there on how much you don't know about the real estate investing.

Well, from here, you can easily determine the scam. Because as newbie, you have purchased the CD to learn about the concept of real estate. On the Day 1 module as well, you will be instructed to increase the limits of your credit cards whereas you need to do it within 24 hours before proceeding to the Day 2 module. If you would assess, Day 1 module is just a waste of time.

For the Day 2 module, you will be taught on how to do a financed transaction as an owner. This module would spend 2 hours of your time on hard selling on the additional of knowledge on real estate investment.

The additional knowledge that is mentioned on Day 2 module, you will be required to buy another set of CDs that will give you full education classes on foreclosure training and real estate education.

And these CDs would cost you more than $8000. This is one of the major reasons why in Day 1 module, they have requested you increase your credit limits.

For the Day 3 module, a tactic of kicking out the person who bought the modules is done. Negative feelings are given out as results once you take this module.

It's also mentioned in this module that if you are not convinced of their offer and wouldn't want to experience a wealthy life, it is best to stop learning the training. It's obvious that training will get you turned off of being trained.


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