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Sylvia Browne Fan Letter


Sylvia's HOMEPAGE is not a Main prediction resource, you need to read her Books.

Furthermore, She also States that absolutely NO Psychic, no matter what they say or claim, is 100% Accurate. Why is this you might say?

Uh, Duh, because they are human like the rest of us, Extra Gifts or not, and the messages, images and information they receive via their OPEN MINDS is subject to interpretation and their own views, opinions, life experiences, and perceptions affect how they interpret this information, like how anyone's Life experiences and perceptions would affect how they interpret anything, and being imperfect humans, things can be Misinterpreted, You should know this, you misinterpret many things because you are an imperfect Human too.

She always says "Don't take my word for it, do your own research and come up with your own conclusions" and "whatever I say you can take it or leave it."

Why? Because she knows damn well that everyone believes different things and she's not going to push her views on anyone, let them do the math and find there own truths. Still sound like a Scammer to you?

So, before you decide to Post "truths" and "Scams" that YOU CLAIM to be fact based on your extremely minimal research(at least on this particular Subject), list your resources and KNOW what your talking about.

And Forget about your stupid Challenge to the Psychics for your million Dollars, they don't want your ignorant money, and Sylvia has already been through all the Tests you want to make, not that you would bother to talk to any of the Doctors, analysts and researchers, who were just as Skeptic as you when they preformed these tests on her, and get their feedback.

She has no reason to waste her time proving to you that She's Gifted, She's already Proven that over and over again, You, matter of factly just don't want to believe it, plain and simple.


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