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Spiegel Scandal


One of the most famous scandals in history is the Spiegel scandal. Through this informative article, we take a look at exactly what went down with this scandal that took place in Germany after World War II.

The Spiegel scandal started with a conflict that occurred between Franz Joseph StrauÃY, the federal minister of defense, and Rudolf Augstein, the owner and editor in chief of Der Spiegel magazine.

This was Germany's most well known and commonly read political magazine. The argument began when Der Spiegel published an article about Germany's army facing a communistic threat from the east.

The magazine was accused of treason and its offices in Hamburg were seized and searched, with thousands of documents confiscated.

Augstein and other editors in chief were arrested, as well as the author- Conrad Ahlers.

However, the author who was vacationing in Spain was arrested from his hotel room in the middle of the night. This caused a lot of riots and protests, because everyone felt that it was unjust.

StrauÃY admitted to calling the German military attaché in Madrid, persuading him to arrest Ahlers.

This resulted in StrauÃY getting fired, as the ministers of the cabinet resigned. Ahlers, Augstein and the editors in chief remained in jail for 103 days.

StrauÃY later formed a new cabinet.

With the Spiegel scandal, the German high court of appeals refused to open trial against Augstein and Ahlers.

This was because StrauÃY had violated the boundaries by deprivation of personal freedom. However, since he believed he acted lawfully, he was exempt from punishment.

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