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Does the South Beach Diet Work

The popularity of the South Beach diet that originated in Florida is under the microscope to check out its effectiveness.

This book has sold millions of copies and is one of the best sellers in the New York list for over a year now, but does the South Beach diet work?

The reason that many women and men are scrambling to get their hands on this new craze diet, is because it promises that you will lose more than 13lb in only 2 weeks and from the most difficult place for people to lose weight too! That is right - the stomach!

By asking " does the South Beach diet work ?" you will have to do some research into the founder of this diet. It was started by a cardiologist who intended the diet to be for his patients that have heart conditions.

He soon saw that they all lost a lot of weight as well as being healthy. This is because the South Beach diet shows you how to eat the right types of carbohydrates and the right types of fats, instead of depriving yourself.

It is based on the low GI foods (or foods that keep you full for longer) and this can also solve other major diseases such as diabetes.

This is because high GI foods such as white bread or cornflakes will cause your blood sugar levels to rise too quickly.

Then your body produces too much insulin to break down the carbs and you are left feeling tired and hungry again.

With these basic healthy principles we can conclude. Does the South Beach diet work ? Absolutely.

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