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Snake Oil Scam

A snake oil scam is a common term that is used to refer to certain products in a negative way.

When something is called a snake oil scam it means that it doesn't work like it is supposed to and these are mainly for medicinal reasons.

Products like anti aging cream, fat burners, slimming drinks, and miracle healing watches or bracelets are referred to as snake oil scams and many of them are sold over the internet when you are requested to give out credit card details.

Even if these fake products are not sold over the internet, it may be that a legitimate manufacturer has sold a product that is not effective or that has false statements and adverts attached to it.

There is one example of a snake oil scam about a health drink that was supposed to help you lose weight.

Even though the product manufacturer said that this drink was not meant for that and that it did not help you lose weight, the packaging on the drink said "calorie burner".

This type of false advertising and packaging is a snake oil scam. You may find that many product sold to you have no real promise of ever working, but the hype created around it or the advertising that is meant to help sell it, actually tells lies about it and some of these lies are not able to be disputed.

Something like an anti aging cream cannot really prove that it works or it doesn't because the results are supposed to be long term.

One cannot tell if they work or not and the reason they work may be something that is more in the mind than in the actual cream.

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