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Smit Fraud


The term smit fraud or SmitFraud is a computer virus that takes the form of spy ware. It is installed onto an unsuspecting person's computer through ad ware and infects the code of your system.

The background usually turns into a blue screen of death or it shows a fake error message. The aim of this spy ware is that you are offered and fake anti - spy ware or removal program which is also fake.

It will start by conducting a fake virus scan and when it has found the virus, you will be asked to pay for the full version to remove the fake virus.

What happens is that your system will seem to return to normal, when in actual fact the spy ware is still on your computer.

It will be collecting your important personal information and private pin codes, documents, and account numbers without the knowledge or consent of the user.

Smit fraud uses the following fake anti - virus programs to run undetected on your computer:

Spylocked, Spydawn, Spyaxe, Spysheriff, or Spyware Quake. Aside from tricking users into buying fake software, this virus can be used to take valuable information and use it to commit identity fraud.

There are various removal programs that have been designed to combat smit fraud and the fake anti spy ware programs it promotes.

You should be able to get these downloads for free.

If you have to pay for any sort of anti-virus programs that claims to fix a specific type of virus then beware, you could be allowing a fake program to run on your computer.

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