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Shameless and Ruthless Runaway Scandal


Have you ever heard of Jennifer Wilbanks?

Chances are that you probably have and do not even realize it. Although you may not know her by the name of "Jennifer Wilbanks", you probably will recognize the nickname of " the runaway bride."

Here, we will take a close examination of this shameless and ruthless runaway scandal.

In April of 2005, Jennifer Wilbanks ran away so that she would not have to worry about following through with her wedding to her fiancé named John Mason.

Not only was this a shameless and ruthless scandal, but what was to follow was even worse.

The entire nation was focused on finding this woman from Duluth , Georgia . There was a huge search for her, as well as full media coverage across the nation.

Jennifer Wilbanks finally called her fiancé from Albuquerque , New Mexico . She claimed that she had been allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a man and a woman.

Although this woman lied to the police by giving them false information about what happened to her, she did not face the felony charges which she should have.

She could have served up to five years in prison, but instead she ended up serving 120 hours of community service, two years of probation and a fine of $2,250.

After the shameless and ruthless runaway scandal which Wilbanks brought on, she has simply been considered a temporary insanity case by many American's.

Not only have the rights for her book been sold, but she has also inspired a hot sauce company to name a hot sauce after her.

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