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Shame and Scandal


Shame and scandal have become a fixture and an obsession with the media for a very long time now.

When somebody does something wrong, and they are well known or connected with those elements of society that are portrayed with sensation, newspapers radio magazines and especially television jump to find coverage immediately.

Everybody does something wrong during their lives, but this is overlooked for the snickers and jeers that come with public shame and scandal.

Famous people often have to make sure the details of their personal lives are hidden from public view, and they go to often extraordinary lengths to do so.

Those who do become exposed often have to live with the stigma of their particular indiscretions permanently, and their wrongdoings become etched upon the minds of the paparazzi.

These days, often people don't even have to actually have done the things they're accused of; mere suggestion in the media on any formidable level usually creates the impact in the minds of the viewer that it must be true.

Undoing damage can be impossible in many cases, and reputations and careers are upturned every day in the media, with or without the facts being accurate; people are being tried as if they were in a court in each and every one of the little people the jurors.

This recent trend is being exploited by unscrupulous producers, writers, and others who direct the media.

Shame and scandal are so commonplace, and the effect so devastating and widespread, that it has become an appetite of the consumer of news in and of itself.

Although these lesser aspects are more of a phenomenon than a social function, the attraction to the buzz around town is age-old and implacable, and unfortunately here to stay

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