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Scam has somewhat become a plague on us. It is a menace that has reared its grip into the entire fabric of this world. And in view of this, there is need to watch carefully before giving in to something. Many corrupt people are ready to do anything to make money.

This is why fakes are fast becoming inevitable part of our hobby, and there is nothing we can do about it. Therefore we can then say we are in a scam school and every one of us is a student in that school. How do we tackle this menace?

To put this problem behind us, we should all get involved. It is our collective duty to nab the menace of widespread scam in the bud. It is not what can be left in the hands of government alone.

All of us have an axe to grind in this matter because scammers are getting more sophisticated by the day and a lot more people are falling victims of these crooks. The following are some of the things we can always do as individuals in order to protect ourselves from the widespread scam school:

Before Paying, Know Your Purchase

Many people got duped because they did not do their homework right. We can prevent fraudulent purchase by looking at the item very well to know if it's genuine. It is good to conduct adequate research on other resources to be able to make necessary comparison. With this, you will also be able to ascertain the nature of the item in terms of what it does, quality and its potential for long-lasting.

Price Matters

Another important factor that tells the genuineness or otherwise of any deal is the price involved in the whole transactions. Check to know if it is truly possible to get such a good or service at the price the seller is quoting for it. If the price is unbelievably too low compared to what is obtained in popular market, then it is suspect.

Think twice before committing your fund. Also, if something appears too good to be true, such as the seller offering free what could not ordinary be let off without price. Scammers attract most people by promising to give out an item either free or a price that is good to be real while seller got nothing for it at the end of the day.

Scam school is widespread around us and all measures should be taken by all to avoid being scammed.

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