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Sara Evans Divorce Scandal


Chances are that you have probably heard of the popular country singer, Sara Evans. You have probably heard one of her songs, such as "I Could Not Ask For More" or "No Place That Far".

But have you heard anything about the Sara Evans divorce scandal? If not, you have come to the right place. Here, we will take a much closer look at this popular scandal.

Sara Evans filed for divorced under the claim that her husband had been posting ads on the popular website Craigslist, in order to find a partner.

She also claims that he had relations with other women. One of the women who has been named in these images is the nanny of the family.

After filing for the Sara Evans divorce scandal, Sara Evans also filed for a restraining order to prevent her husband from withdrawing money from their joint bank account.

Her attorney claims that her husband withdrew $275,000, which is why Evans has filed for this restraining order.

On the other end of the Sara Evans divorce scandal is her husband. He claims that the allegations which have been made against him are not true.

Her husband called her a "dramatically different person" than she was a year ago.

Although they have tried to overcome this problem, he believes that they have failed. He also fears the harm which faces his children.

So, what will come of the Sara Evans divorce scandal?

Who is telling the truth about this relationship? No one knows, but perhaps we will find out more in the future once she and her husband have gone to court.

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