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Safevest Scam


As an individual living in the world of modern technologies, it's quite hard to determine accurate information especially on the Internet. We must admit that Internet can be the source of all information however not all of the information that we gathered from it are accurate and has factual basis.

This is the reason why scam operators find easy ways to access to people's lives especially those ignorant ones of doing their scam activities. It is because scammers can create misleading statements that can make people believed and get deceived on some information.

Nowadays, various scams can be found over the Internet. And one of these is the Safevest Scam . How does this scam operates on the Internet? There is a front group that claims to be part of the Safevest LLC Company.

This group offers a trading program where they can easily steal money from the customers of the Safevest LLC Company. But the truth is the trading program that the front group is offering to the customers is allegedly inactive and its investment program had run out already of the Marshall Islands.

If you get to encounter such front group, it is best to call the Safevest office hotline before getting involved in it. It is still best to gather the correct information first.

The Safevest Scam contains inaccurate statements over the Internet. These statements can be prosecuted to the laws at its fullest content and be held accountable for any losses of the victim because of the posted misleading statements.

Here are some possible events that may happen to you once you get involved or become a victim of the Safevest Scam:


  • Misusage of the funds of the investors
  • Withdrawal requests will never be granted
  • There would be some numerous excuses that will be given concerning the delays of payments.
  • The money is still in process with the overseas bank and will then come in soon.
  • Several phone calls will be made to the office staff and that no one is answering through several trials.
  • Putting your call on-hold forever or even refusal of taking/answering your calls.


While you're on process of getting involved with the Safevest Scam, the last thing that will happen to you is finding out that your money had been transferred, thus you can no longer get your money back once this happens. And the so-called interests that you will be earning will no longer be available. One trick of identifying this scam is when the operator asks to send your money to John Slye or Jon Ervin, the owners of Safevest.


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