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Runescape, which is also referred to as Rune Scape is a game that is played online by several players. The game is made up of a virtual world that is set in the middle age. The player goes on a life journey in this game. You are role-playing.

There are several advantages to playing this game.

•  As I have just mentioned, you will be taking a life journey. So with that being the case, you can play this game for months and even years.

•  It teaches you several skills, skills such as mining and archery.

•  It also teaches you how to save your money as well as when to spend it.

With this amazing game, there are still cheaters out there who would try to scam you along the way. I am not talking about within the game. I am talking about other players. You see you can chat with other players and you can also trade with them

One of the ways in which a Runescape scam takes place is that the scammer will change the deal of the trade before you even notice it. Let me explain some more. If you are trading with someone, they might have 100k posted, but before the deal is closed, they would change the K into a 4. So instead of you getting 100k, you will be getting 1004. Now, for me to say that there is a vast difference here would be an understatement.

So, one of the best ways to avoid being a victim of this type of Runescape scam is to never be in a hurry to trade with anyone. When you are in a hurry, you may not notice the change.

Another Runescape scam is that someone will try to steal your password, in order to get into your account and steal some or all of your items. One way in which they try to get your password is by claiming to be an employer of the Runescape game. It is your password, do not share it with anyone.


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