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Quixtar - Another View


I am an ex IBO. I will probably join in the future just for a discount for a few of their products. Though Quixtar is the supplier and the teams that operate it have very diverse methods of operating not all are out to get you blah blah blah.

I learned so much from being involved with LTD (a motivating group) that I can use in the job force, with people in general, and other skills that are not taught in school when it comes to leadership and self improvement.

I think anyone that stays in a Quixtar business does so for other reasons than the money alone. I was wise enough to know it was not my financial future, but take what I learned and use it to my advantage.

Bottom line, I think it's a shame people present it as a money sucking scam that deceives people.

The model is tangible, it works if you can do it. It is multilevel marketing system. But like any people-building business you learn people will not always want to do your business, it's a numbers game.

Many exist, such as Avon, Melaluka, Mary Kay, Arbon, etc. Mary Kay has motivational rallys, are they out to get you? Nope. Do they help people become better leaders?

Sure. You have to if you want people on your "team". Like Mary Kay, Quixtar is a MMS, but not a pyramid.

There is not a level where you can't make more than the level above you if you do more work.

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