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Power Bracelet Scam


Power Bracelets are wrist bands with holograms purportedly designed to interact with the body's natural energy flow. But so far, there has been a great deal of mixed feelings trailing products in circulation.

A lot of people have condemned and termed it as mere power bracelet scam. Many hinge their arguments on the fact that the way and manner in which these bracelets work is not scientifically provable.

They think the power bracelets are just magical ‘make-beliefs'. On the contrary, manufacturers of various power bracelets have continually debunked the claim saying power bracelets really give good results to their users if genuine ones are used.

However, some manufacturers are reported to have admitted that power bracelets have no scientific backing. For instance, Power Balance Australia was reported to have officially declared that wristband have no scientific backing, were misleading, which means product is a scam. However, it also said that the same concept have been used for many years in practices such as acupuncture and acupressure.

To other manufacturers such as iRenew, the purchasing attitude of people makes them purchase counterfeit products from illegal retailers but end up generalizing after getting disappointed by the product's poor result.

This makes them insist everything about power bracelet is a scam. The company further explained that people have been asked on countless cases to buy the power bracelet from genuine sellers precisely licensed online retailers. It insists this is the best way to avoid power bracelet scam.

As a matter of fact, it should be noted that these power bracelets have been reportedly worn by sportmen and women especially NBA players as claimed by Power Balance that these products have been worn during the last world series, NBA finals and super bowl champions.

And some of these people including the fans have religiously attested to the wonderful results that power bracelet gives them in the course of their sporting activities. For instance, Boston Celtics centre Shaquille O'Neal once said the Power Balance bracelet gives him a competitive edge on the court.

Therefore as far as power bracelet scam is concerned, I think it is better to be there than do the guess.

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