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Poetry Scam


Have you heard about a poetry scam ? Well, yes this scam is indeed very true. It usually operates through fake poetry contests where authors are being cheated through promising earnings of more than ten million dollars every year. Aside from the huge money prizes, the poetry scam also promise the authors to have their works get published on some books or magazines.

The poetry scam usually has its sponsors who only care of profits and do not really care about the content of the written poems submitted by the authors. So if you are a writer or an author, do not impulsive joined any poetry or writing contests that are for free since most of these are only victimizing people. It would be best to always review and investigate further on how the contests really operates.

The scam operates through sending flattering letters to its victims. The content of these letters are saying how great writer you are and that your work had been luckily chosen by those panel of judges who believed that your work is worth publishing. Also, it may be stated in the letters sent that you can be nominated as "Poet of the Year".

Well, it's definitely hard to identify is a poetry contest is a scam or not. How would you know if the contest is a scam ? If the poetry contest required you to buy one or more copies of the book on where your work is to be published then that's a poetry scam . Here are other signs that can help you identify is a poetry contest is a scam or not:

•  Everybody Wins! - the contests would usually display their huge number of winners.

•  Huge Prize Offers! - the contests would promise large amount of prize money, which is barely unbelievable for just a piece of poem

•  Entry and Reading Fees - the contests would often ask for fees as permission to read the poems on their website. An entrance fee in the database site of poems is often required as well

•  Travel - the contests would promise a travel or tip once selected as the winner. A chance of gathering with other or fellow poets will also be given. Along with the travel, pocket money is also at stake

•  Classes - once selected as the winner of the , the poet will be given the chance to improve their skills through attending some classes in one of the best poet teachers in the land.

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