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Pinnacle Quest International Scam


TThe Pinnacle Quest International Scam is one of those scams that offer much of a home business or job.

The target individuals of this scam are those who are desperate enough to earn money with the comfort of their home without thinking twice on the negative results of their investments.

Pinnacle Quest International Scam offers their targeted individuals of becoming a PQI consultant. There are certain leaders who operate under this scam that are referred to as the Global Prosperity, IGP and other names. These leaders would often speak on some conference calls and would say things that are not true.

During the conference calls, the leaders will explain things to the PQI consultants, which are believable at first but then found to be untrue. The things that these leaders speak of are mostly programs that will involved the PQI consultants on selling Q2 sponsors, mortgages, credit repairs, debt elimination and taxes.

The leaders would even say that these programs change every year with new names, rules and the like. But, none of these programs will work and the investments that you have incurred will never earn its revenue or pay you out.

The operators of the Pinnacle Quest International Scam have very convincing style of language and communication to its victims. They even appear very professional to the victims that the victims would trust their money to them to the extent. In this scam, the operators would even tell the victims that their invested money is frozen for a much higher yield of investments that they are engaged in.

They would even make you feel burdened in any case you want to pull out your investment as there are big earnings coming in. They will let you feel hesitant of not pulling out your investment. In short, the operators will brain wash you of not pulling out your investments.

The Pinnacle Quest International Scam makes their members believe of earning wealth from 2 to 5 years if you would just follow their turn-key system. The conference calls of this scam can even convinced the smartest people because of its fantastic and amazing promises and offers.

Most of the PQI consultants who have become victims of this scam have wasted not only money but time as well of believing the scammers.

So as reminder, do not get involved on scams like the Pinnacle Quest International Scam that is operating on the Internet that promises nonsense earnings. Though it was reported that the Pinnacle Quest International Scam is no longer operating, it had just changed its name only. The operators of this scam are getting richer and richer as they suck other people's money, time and self-respect.


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