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Penn foster school does not stick to their contract or their refund policy. Even these people are offering bad service while their instructors don't know what actually they are doing nor do they even care to help out their students.

So it is all scam named Penn foster scam. Their all books are outdated and they often took weeks to send correct books to their students. The individuals, teachers and staff of this Penn foster scam don't respond to your emails properly.

They don't care rather try to harass you if you can't make payments on time or especially when you are making half of them or request them for installments.

This Penn foster school is a real joke rather a Penn foster scam, frequently said by the old students of this school. Another spiteful thing about this Penn foster scam is that its all certificates, degrees or diplomas are phony and not accredited.

This Penn foster scam school must have to shut down because whatever degree or certificate students are going to earn is not fully accredited which means job search for Penn foster scam school students will be very narrow. Whereas none of employers will give their time so it's better to make the right choice now and keep away from this Penn foster scam.

The books that the Penn foster scam school often sends to its students are really ridiculous rather considering them books is another humiliated joke as these aren't even books. As a matter of fact they are nothing more than simple paper pamphlets stapled together.

There are an abundance of such complaints against Penn foster school which really make this Penn foster as a real Penn foster scam.

According to an old student of this Penn foster school, they are very bad rather greedy in their cash dealings and if they obtain any chance to forfeit your dues they will never lose it and if you contact them either via phone or email they never reply you back which is another significant sign of a Penn foster scam.

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