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Patricia Neri's Scandal


There were millions of questions asked in Canada when it was revealed that the managing director of copyright policy at Canadian Heritage had ostensibly been in a deep rapport with one of Canada's renowned copyright lobbyists.

According to the Hill Times, P. Neri has now left her job for "private reasons" after developing strong ties with a famous man and president of the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association, Douglas Frith.

In this Patricia Neri's scandal, P. Neri testified in recent times before the Canadian Senate on the need for an innovative law banning video cameras in cinemas.

According to Dr Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Patricia Neri's private life is her own business not of any one's else.

While on the other hand, this does increase disquieting questions regarding the speedy passage of Bill C-59, the anti-camcording legislation, as Patricia Neri appeared as a bystander before a Senate hearing on the bill with the activist in the room.

Although this is not an easy issue to be raised, but if these gossips are correct then it definitely creates at least an apparent conflict of interest opposing Government Ethics Guidelines.

Nowadays Patricia Neri is a special advisor to Assistant Deputy Minister Jean-Pierre Blais with duties still to be confirmed.

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