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Oral Roberts Scandal

The previous religious scandals or controversial misdeeds of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker are nothing compared to the Oral Roberts Scandal.

What comprises the Oral Roberts Scandal ? This scandal controversially involved two of the topmost executives of the Oral Roberts University , President Richard Roberts and his wife Vice President Lindsay Roberts.  

ORU's President Richard Roberts had been caught up in some financial and political issues while Vice President Lindsay Roberts was believed to be having late night misadventures with young teenage males. With these events, the Oral Roberts Scandal had emerged.  

The accusations involving ORU President Richard Roberts have something to do with some local political campaigns as well as lavish spending of donor expenses and on various remodeling projects.

Another case of accusation towards him is the usage of the university jet for a personal trip to Bahamas by his daughter as well as the usage of the Lexus SUV and red Mercedes convertible by Lindsay Roberts, his wife.  

Meanwhile, the accusations involving ORU Vice President Lindsay Roberts have something to do as well with laving spending of thousands of dollars on expensive clothes and other personal things.

She was also accused of granting non-academic scholarships towards friends and children of her friends. Another accusation towards her is the sending of scores through text messages on issued cell phones by the ORU to some young teenage males.  

The lawsuit against the Richard and Lindsay Roberts was filed by three professors of the ORU who have been dismissed after finding out some copies of incriminating documents from a laptop computer owned by Stephanie Cantese, a sister-in-law of Richard Roberts. These documents were recovered by an ORU student who had repaired a laptop prior to the incriminating document submission to the ORU board.

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