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Ontario Water Scandal


The Ontario water scandal occurred in May 2000 when more than 2000 people ended up in hospitals around the city of Ontario with a deadly strain of the E-coli bacteria found in the local water supply.

Seven people died from this incident which was caused by two brothers who were arrested and charged in 2003.

The Koebel brothers admitted to giving false statements and log reports for the Walkerton water supply and even told police that they had not disinfected the drinking water supply properly.

Even though this tragedy occurred because of the incompetence of two people, many believe that the Ontario water scandal is a compilation of many other factors including the failure to monitor all of the area's water supply procedures.

Other people that have been blamed for this incident include the Tory government of Ontario . They have cut the environmental budgets and are not adhering to previous regulations.

The contamination of the water supply can be pinned on the private companies who were placed in charge of water testing as they have no set procedures and continuation is not followed through to the overburdened municipalities who have to manage these firms, as well as many other areas of the water supply system.

There was too much chaos in the system from the water testing down to the drinking of the town's water, which allowed the Ontario water scandal to take place.

Not enough importance was placed on this section of the government's legislature and with the result, many people became sick and some lost their lives.

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