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Online Business System Scam


One of the biggest and most common online business system scam that people fall for today is work at home scams. These attract a lot of people because they offer the chance to work at home and earn good money. Wouldn't you just love to be able to sit at your couch with your laptop and earn money shopping? Well, it's very rare that these businesses are honest.

It all starts with you seeing the add that promises a lot of money while working from your house. Usually they promise great money even working part time. Now that you have seen the add you click the link thinking about all that cash and what you can buy with it. You are usually taken to a page that has a bunch of articles about people saying how this online business system scam system made them millionaires and about all the money they are earning from it.

After you finish reading the articles and promises made by the company you reach the bottom of the page. From there it says all you have to do is send in some amount (lets say $20 for the purpose of this article) and they will send you information about how to get started. Most people will think, "Well its only $20 I can afford that, especially with that kind of earning potential." This is where they are hooked and they feel cheated. This was the most common example of online business system scam nowadays.

After they send in their money they will get some information from the company that usually gives a way to make money but that not everyone can do. A common one is investing in real estate. Not everyone can afford or knows how to make millions through real estate investments. But when they bought the product they didn't know that's what they were buying.

Now you are probably wondering why so many people still send their money in to these online business system scam even though they are usually scams. The answer is greed. Seriously, can you imagine how nice it would be to have an extra $7,000 a month just to mess around with? This is something that sounds very appetizing to the average person. And hey, what if it worked. That's a lot of earning potential.

These scams follow the "If it's too good to be true it probably isn't" rule. If a company really had a secret that could earn a lot of cash quickly why would they sell it for $20 much less sell it at all? A real company that wasn't trying to scam you would act on that information and earn themselves more money by using it.

Another thing that some of these scams offer is a franchise system. This means that if you recruit people to their product you will earn a little income from recruiting them. This idea usually doesn't work either and by using this all you are doing is helping them recruit people for their scam.

There are a few easy ways to check to see if the company is legit. You can see if they are interested in how you will represent their company. A company that wants sales and to earn money won't want to hire somebody that gives them a bad name. If the company in question checks out your character quality and your actions for selling then they are more likely to be legit than companies that aren't.

Another good way to see if the company is real is to check with the government and see if they are listed as a legitimate business. If they prove to not be it's usually best that you report them right away so that other people don't get involved in these online business system scam.

The best way to prevent getting scammed in these ways is to just make sure that you don't get attracted to the prospect of getting fast money. A famous quote is "The fastest way to make money is to fold it in half". Getting rich quick is possible and it happens sometimes but is usually rare. The best way to earn money is to get a good paying job which you can work at.

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