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MyShoppinggenie Scam


What can be more exciting for a girl or woman's life than shopping? With the advances of technologies nowadays, shopping can easily be done with just one tick of a mouse.

However, as an online shopper you still need to be more careful on some shopping sites that do not offer real products instead they are being operated by a lot of scammers.

One existing scam for online shopping is the MyShoppinggenie scam , which usually operates via email of course. This scam sends out emails to their prospective victims inviting them to join or subscribe to the site of MyShoppinggenie.

Once you become a member of the site, you will be given some affiliate links that you can distribute to others as well. From these affiliate links there are products available for purchase at Ebay. Once these products are purchased by buyers or consumers, you can be able to earn a commission.

The scam in here is that it requires a subscription fee before you can be able to download the software that you will be using in promoting the website. The fee is amounting to $199 or an estimated $29 per month.

Some say that website of MyShoppinggenie is a dummy version of the Free Ebay To Go Toolbar. With this, the MyShoppinggenie scam is really one disaster scam being used to exploit the reputable name of Ebay.

The official launching of the MyShoppinggenie scam was last December 22, 2007 whereas the initial approach is recruiting some victims who will spread the scam undoubtedly and faster worldwide as compared to any other scams ever created.

Once these victims are approached, they are promised with some matching bonuses that will convince them in spreading further the so-called scam. The initial approach consists of giving away some free software to the victims.

The software is claiming that it will override the affiliate program of Ebay and that it will have a continuous pay to the member for ever sale generated from their proprietorship application.

Obviously, the initial target of the MyShoppinggenie scam is more on the desire of people to earn more in the easy way or having a home business

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