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Money Cheats


During the previous years, the operations of slot machines are very simple. A player will only have to tap a string piece to a coin. But now in the recent time the tokens or coins are gone. Instead the players are counterfeiting the use of money cheats .

Here are some common money cheats used in most slot machines nowadays:

•  Coin and String - this is the simplest form of all money cheats used in slot machines. The idea of this kind of money cheat is to tape a long string to a coin and then insert it to the slot machine.

As soon as the slot machine had registered the coin the machine will drop a tug on the strin while the coin is returned to the player. This process is repititively done by the slot machines without causing it any amount of money.

The players who use this kind of money cheat are known as the Yo-Yo players since the idea is to pull the string multiple times just like how the toy of Yo-Yo is played.

•  Shaved Coins - this kind of money cheats in slot machines requires the coin to be shaved off about a quarter. The purpose of the shaving is to immediately discharged the coins from the slot machines.

However, this kind of money cheats are now a threat to vendors of slot machines. The vendors had developed more innovated optical coin readers whereas every coin is evaluated with the appropriate and fixed sizes.

•  Counterfeit Money - though this kind of money cheats work specificailly for slot machines, it still affect the slot machines more often. It is because not all counterfeit bills are good enough to pass the slot machines' electronic eyes. Also, counterfeiting money is a federal crime being taken seriously by the FBI as well as the Treasury Department in the United States.

•  Counterfeit Tokens - this kind of money cheats is already common in most casinos since instead of coins, tokens are now the most sophisticated medium being used by slot machines in casinos. The idea of this money cheat is for the players to exchange their legal tender with casino tokens, which are the only medium being accepted by the video poker and slot machines.

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