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Metromedia Scandal


The metromedia scandal that took the world by storm was that of the Soupy Show that was broadcast in the 1960's as part of the Metromedia lineup.

Metromedia was a television production house and the scald that came about was after an episode where the main character had to open his door and naked woman was supposed to be standing there.

The audience never saw the naked woman as it was only supposed to show the reaction of the character. In actual fact, there was to be a fully dresses man standing there just to provide the eye level.

The crew on the set that day, decide to play a practical joke on the actor and they convinced a women to stand there naked when he opened the door.

This is how the metromedia scandal began as the actor thought that this was shot and would be broadcast to the public.

The producers took him off for a few days hoping to calm everyone down, but the fans complained. This stunt made the ratings higher than ever, and the naked woman was actually never shown.

The real metromedia scandal with this show occurred in the later years when there was a fall out between the producers and the lead actor.

They each owned 50 percent of the show including the video tapes. Eventually the rights reverted back to the lead actor after which the show was made, Sales.

One day when Sales went to collect his tapes which were stored at Metromedia he was horrified to find that they had erased every last one of them in an attempt to recycle tape.

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