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Melamine Scandal


Melamine Scandal is another nasty sandal among plentiful worst scandals of the world. Four toddlers had died and at least more than 55,000 were allegedly ill in China. It was only because of Melamine scandal in which a lot of kids were seriously ill because of fed milk powder polluted with the industrial chemical residue named melamine.

Because of the black shadows of this melamine scandal a four year old girl in Hong Kong was also severely ill but fortunately had been released from hospital. As a fact she was the first seen case of melamine scandal outside of the mainland of China.

The most important formula milk producer throughout the whole world, Nestle, said none of its infant milk products in China or Hong Kong had been contaminated with melamine residue, even though the Hong Kong regime said toxins had found in the Nestlé's baby milk formulas.

Unquestionably plenty of other contaminants and toxins were also reported in this melamine scandal. It is unbelievable that how can human beings become corrupt enough to include melamine to babies' milk to falsify actual protein levels.

Actually the Chinese government published their findings of about 2565 ppm or 0.25% of melamine in Sanlu's milk powder, another infant milk formula.

Scientifically the melamine an extreme toxic chemical may has been obtained from some substandard melamine sources that are contaminated or polluted with several other toxic ingredients themselves.

According to a research it has been speculated that other contaminants or toxic ingredients may be aminopterin and urea.

This melamine scandal was so cruel that in previous year melamine containing babies' milk powder left about six Chinese toddlers dead and almost 350,000 infants with kidney disorders. This dangerous chemical was actually added to these infants' dairy products just to boost up their so-called protein content.

Consequently plenty of Chinese dairy groups closed a yanking financial year in 2008 with falling stock prices and poor sales after this melamine scandal. Beijing Sanyuan Foods Corp. which was not occupied by this melamine scandal was the only money-making baby milk powder producing firm among other dairy companies.

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