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Marriage Fraud


The issue of marriage fraud is one that is becoming rampant and is actually being considered a form of organized crime.

Many people every year earn huge amounts of money by simply pretending to be in love with someone.

This is something that is difficult to prove or disprove, which is why so many men and women get away with it.

Even though they recognize that marriage fraud is a criminal federal offense, they take this risk because of the financial benefits and the absence of physical harm.

This type of marriage fraud is allowing illegal foreigners into the country to possess Green Cards, driver's licenses, and social security numbers.

While many of the illegal immigrants are looking to come into the United States to find a better life, the government is worried that the country could be unnecessarily exposed to terrorist acts and undue community violence.

Some members of the community have been caught committing marriage fraud because they were careless and over exposed themselves.

One women had asked for over 25 marriage licenses, raising suspicion and it was noted that she received between $3000 and $10 000 for each of her efforts. Most of the fake grooms and brides come from countries such as Pakistan , Peru , Ecuador , the Dominican Republic and China .

The manpower that is involved in uncovering the fraudsters is huge and many fake couples must live together as room mates, have joint accounts, and go through with a marriage ceremony to fool the government.

This is why fraud of this kind is so hard to control.


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