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Magic Kids Inc Scam


The Magic Kids Inc Scam usually operates via email. However some research confirms that Magic Kids Inc is indeed a legal business. According to some research, a person only needs to place a small transaction order thereinafter great results will turn out good.

Once the person is happy with the results, prices and quality of his transaction order, then a good business is already being made. If the person is an entrepreneur then maybe Magic Kids Inc can give him plenty of possibilities.

To some research, the Magic Kids Inc is really a scam. There are several complaints and lawsuit filed against the company of Magic Kids Inc proving that there batches of scam operators behind it. The BBB or Better Business Bureau even gave the company a mark of red "F".

Some people did have bad experiences with Magic Kids Inc. Because of this, victims have proven a lot on how the Magic Kids Inc Scam operates. One victim had posted his experience. According to him, Magic Kids Inc would send more and more letters to its victims for the goal of sucking more and more money.

The victims of the Magic Kids Inc Scam sent money to be able to get the initial package that the company is offering. Once the victim had got the package, he can start selling the products of Magic Kids Inc, which are kids' clothes. The selling can be done through mailings.

Along with the initial package is the "Free Subscription Directory". This directory contains the amount that the victim deposited for investment and other subscription process. It was also stated that once the victim had been able to sell $4,900 worth of the kids' clothes, the deposited money would be refunded.

As the victims try to sell the products, the letters sent will get back to the victims undeliverable. When the victims try to call the company and get the refund on their deposit, no paychecks will be given.

The Magic Kids Inc Scam often targets home stay parents who wanted to earn extra income. Its program is usually entitled with "Get Rich Without Work", which is really interesting to people.

If you are a gullible person, then the title would definitely capture you but if you are keen then you would easily identify that it's a scam because you would think twice on how will a person get rich without working? It would really be insane if someone got rich without even stretching his one arm or leg for working.

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