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Lockerz Scam


ALockerz.com claims to reward its members for just about everything they do.

Members are required to participate in various activities available on the website which they like and enjoy and earn points towards redeeming their rewards. The number of points earned determines the reward.

It is however promised that members can earn points quickly and easily thereby availing them opportunity to have as many rewards as possible. Lockerz is an invitation-only site, which means you can only join if you are invited by existing member or user.

However, while some people especially promoters of this website claim that Lockerz' popularity continues to spread rapidly because it's very easy to earn enough points to redeem a variety of merchandise which include MacBooks, Designer Handbags, Video Games, iPods, Nintendo Wiis and much more others say it is Lockerz scam. But how true is this?

Some people say the whole thing does not work out as claimed by Lockerz and as people would have hoped. They argue that it is takes months to redeem their rewards after working exhaustively to earn points.

It is also said that members have difficulty redeeming any item that they wanted to redeem. At the redeem page, the items become unavailable when the member clicks the redeem button to get their rewards, whereas the on previous page the item is still showing as being available to be redeemed.

A lot of people agreed they also had the same experience while saying that Lockerz scam could be true if the owner of this site could not do anything substantial to remove this problem after receiving series of complaint.

However, there are yet numerous reviews online about Lockerz which try to debunk that there is Lockerz scam. They claim it is just an accusation being sponsored probably by those who because of lack of commitment to the process involved in earning points on Lockerz could not have their ways with Lockerz.

More than two-third of these reviews affirms that Lockerz is 100% legitimate company with a massively-growing community running into millions of active users every day. They also supported their claims with the reputation of its leaders.

The Lockerz' CEO, Kathy Savitt used to be the Vice President of Amazon while Lockerz major financial contributors is Liberty Media, which owns a part of Time Warner Videos both of which are business managers of repute.

Going by many positive reviews, one will be able to adjudge if Lockerz scam real or a figment of some people's imagination.

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