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Lawsuit Myspace


Families with minor daughters as engaged in a lawsuit Myspace, charging the website with negligence to protect young people.

The families allege that their daughters were sexually assaulted after being enticed to meet men they were introduced to on Myspace.

These families want to see stricter guidelines which will prevent sexual predators from getting the information they need to contact the Myspace users.

They also want the website to exercise better control over the age of the users. The families that are involved in lawsuit Myspace are seeking millions in compensation and damages.

On the other side of the coin, many people believe the parents should have better control over what their children are doing on the Web.

Lawsuit Myspace prohibits anyone under the age of 14 from using the site. But this does not prevent the child from developing a false profile which shows they are much older.

Since the beginning of the lawsuit Myspace, the site is working on software that will inform the parent if the child is attempting multiple profiles.

It is their belief that control is a two way street. Both the website managers and the parents should work together to prevent this type situation.

There are arguments that children can create profiles outside of the home from a different computer to avoid detection by their parents.

The bottom line is parents need to educate their children about the possible dangers which can occur on the Internet.

Also, the Internet needs a system in place which will allow them to check some type of identification to determine the real age of its users.


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