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Jerk Rich Scam ?


Everyone wants to know if the Rick Jerk is a Jerk Rich Scam or not.

I will debunk some of this mystery and teach you a few things about what scams really are.

Is there such a thing as a Jerk Rich Scam: Perhaps, but not because you are not getting what they tell you.

They advertise that anyone can become rich by doing nothing and it is false advertising. The Jerk Rich Scam information is geared towards well seasoned webmasters who have a grasp on the concepts and different avenues available to them on the Internet.

Which means, the so called The Jerk Rich Scam works for those who already have established websites and experience.

If you are a novice, slow typer, no marketing or sales experience, it is a scam.

You are just buying an eBook of information on how to become rich if you already have skills. It is like me telling a Chinese immigrant with third level English skills to become a copywriter, they wouldn't have a chance making the money.

But if I get a college graduate born and raised American, they can probably make the cut and earn a great income.

So you see they mislead people into believing they can become rich, when in fact only well seasoned Internet professionals have the opportunity to make that kind of money.

So next time you see something that is too good to be true, see what they are offering and if you are clueless in the industry, what are you doing, don't waste your time.

The Jerk Rich Scam is just information for certain people.

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