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Jeff Paul Scandal Update


I was one of the few people who signed up for Jeff Paul scandal who got their money back.

I paid the initial fee plus 450.00 for the merchant account set up. When the next salesman called me and told me that I had to set up this other account with American Express, It started to sound a little fishy.

By this timethey Jeff Paul Scandal had all of my personal information and access to my bank account.

The third salesman tried to get me to spend $8500 dollars on so called training with Jeff Paul and this other guy. My remark to him was “have you ever seen the movie, “Boiler Room”. There is a line from the movie that goes “Don't pitch the bitch”.

That is where they made their mistake. I immediately contacted the Better Business Bureau, and United States Attorney General in all three states where I had received phone calls. I stopped payments out of my personal account from them and was reimbursed the first amount of money that they had stolen.

I also contacted my credit card company and disputed the $450.00 for the account setup for a merchant account. Not only did I get that money back. But I have blocked them any further contact. I had to close my personal account and open a new one. This was a small price to pay to keep them destroying my credit.

It took two months to get all the funds back that were invested in Jeff Paul scam. I had to be persistent with them and not back down even when they laughed in my face.

I will get a phone call from one of them with a blocked phone number on my cell phone every once in a while.

But each time they call and ask why I am not involved with them. I tell them it is because they are the most fraudulent company alive and need to be put out of business to protect the innocent.


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