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Jack Weinzierl Scam ?

Updated July 25, 2010


It has been said that the Jack Weinzierl Scam had been identified as a kind of scam that greatly takes advantage of poor victims of its schemes. It is even known as the 7KAdvanatge. Is this true? Numerous online sites seem to think so.

We have seen numerous sites investigating the claims of a Jack Weinzierl Scam. But is there any truth to this? We cannot confirm or deny this at all. Why are there so many websites which claim there is such a scam?

According to Jack there is no company called 7kadvantage. This again is at odds with what we see on many other sites. However again, we cannot confirm or deny this.

The real questions if there is no such thing as the Jack Weinzierl Scam is why do so many people, sites, and groups, seem to think they have a good reason for spreading these rumors? We have looked at forums, and posts and there are many claiming this information.

We all know that we have to be careful of MLM, pyramid scams and the like but how can we tell if someone is just spreading rumors or if these scams really exist.

We recommend looking at scam sites and forums. There you can ask people who have been involved with these groups for their opinions and recommendations. Do they like the program, have they seen any evidence of a scam, a pyramid scheme, or MLM in play? If not great then it may be a legitimate program. However if you start seeing many negative responses, words of caution, or lots of dissatisfied clients it may be worth your while to investigate these further for possibilities of MLM's, pyramid scams, etc...



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