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Iphone Lawsuit


The much anticipated iPhone was unveiled in January by Steve Jobs. This phone will allow users to listen to music, surf the web, text and email, upload photos, and make phone calls.

The United States expects to see this product released in June. There are two versions of the iPhone, the 4GB and 8GB models.

The iPhone lawsuit consisted of Cisco suing Apple for trademark infringement. Apple released a multimedia phone called the iPhone and Cisco said they owned the rights to that name.

In the iPhone lawsuit Cisco charges that Apple had tried to get the rights to use the iPhone name on several occasions but was denied by Cisco.

After Cisco denied them the right, Apple created a false company to try to obtain the rights under false pretenses.

The original name belonged to Infogear which was a small company in California .

Cisco acquired Infogear in 2000 and acquired the rights to the iPhone name at that time.

Many people see the lawsuit as being silly since they are only talking about a name. No technical information or concept ideas have been stolen.

In all fairness, Cisco has been very fair with Apple regarding the iPhone lawsuit. They allowed Apple enough time to respond in the hopes that an out of court settlement could be reached.

A brief statement was later released saying that Cisco and Apple had reached an agreement. Both companies will be allowed to use the iPhone brand on their products. There was no mention of any type monetary settlement between the two companies.


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