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Investment Scam Solid


Solid Investments was an online company that specialized in investing.

They would take peoples money and invest it for them into various businesses so that people could turn a profit. They promised a lot with great returns that could very well make you rich in a few years. At least this is what people thought they were.

As it turns out SolidInvestments was just running one big Investment scam solid. After taking peoples money they would keep it for personal use. They never were known to actually invest the money nor do anything with it other than use it for what they want.

Investment scam solid were caught after people started asking to see how their investments were doing. People eventually go where they wanted to pull out their money from SolidInvestments so that they could use it for their own personal use. Other people wanted to checkup on their investments and see how they were doing.

The thing was there was a 3% return on your investment that Investment scam solid offered per day. This number is very high and should have sent red flags everywhere. However, people thought that the potential earnings was more than worth the risk they were taking. It seems these people were wrong.

After a lot of people started asking for their investments back they started getting no responses. Eventually some people did some investigating and found out that the company owners had run away and were nowhere to be found. There was no trace of them anywhere in the world and nobody could find them.

An investigation was quickly brought down upon Investment scam solid and it was found out that this was not the first time they had pulled this scammed. They had used to be called Jungle Ventures which was a company that did the exact same sort of investment scam solid. Solid Investments was registered under the Jungle Ventures name.

After this investigation it was decided that these people must be stopped before they could scam people again. A $100,000 bounty was put out for these people if you could help catch them. This bounty is still in effect for information leading to there whereabouts.

Another company that may have trouble from this scam is e-gold. Since their services were used by the scammers they may be liable for all the charges and up to triple the costs of the damages. This could seriously hurt e-gold and put a dent in their company. This also will ruin some of the reputation that they have worked hard to acquire.

All in all this scam has taught people a valuable lesson. If something like this pops up you should check and make sure that it's a legal and registered company before sending money off. You should also think real hard about weather it would be worth the risk in the end. While the profits may have seemed great the risk was even greater. Most people cannot afford to lose this kind of money because of a scam. Always remember, choose your investments wisely.

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