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India Call Center


Another complaint from a reader regarding the Bell Expressvu India call center.

I do not want to call again as I was on hold for over 10 mins yesterday.

I would simply like to exchange my receiver for a PVR and pay the extra rental charge per month. I don't want to have to pay for a service charge for a person to come and hook the PVR up.

Please inform me as to the best way to go about this. Please note Bell Customer service/Executive Office, I have made 1 phone call and this is the 3rd email I have sent on this very simple issue.

Here is the next India call centers response.

Thank you for your email inquiry dated 11/28/07. My name is XXX from the India call center and I am pleased to assist you.

I understand that you would like to exchange your receiver however do not wish to call for it due to long hold time with our call center in India.

I would like to apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced as a result of the extended hold times. with our India call center. You will be pleased to know that Bell Expressvu is continuously revisiting staffing schedules to ensure premium customer service requirements are always met. Rest assured customer service remains our top priority.

One great option is to visit our website at XXXX . You will be delighted to know it contains useful information about programming, pricing and promotions. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you can always email us directly from our website at XXXX

A receiver exchange can be booked only by our New Business department ? Regretfully we will not be able to process it for you, therefore I request you to call as we cannot call from our India call center.

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