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Impact Networth Scam


The Impact Networth scam is not more of an MLM since it deals more on direct sales whereas parts of its process include getting a real estate as well as an insurance license, investing, saving and many more.

The Impact Networth scam had brought lost in everything for many people since big amount of investments are at stake every time a victim is in process. This scam had preyed mostly Americans who are middle-class and been only left with their pension funds and equity in their homes.

The Impact Networth scam usually conducts meetings on physical facilities whereas most victims would prefer an online training instead. During the meeting, a leader will appear who will preside. An education is being discussed in the meeting as well, which is very boring for the attendees.

From the actual setup itself, you can definitely conclude that the Impact Networth is really a scam since studying and working about the concept is being done on fields and facilities. There is also a required fee of $50 every month for every member who will attend the meeting.

At first you would conclude that the amount is being used as a tool for the facilities being used for the meeting and the education. But the truth is, it's intended for the so called "gosolo" communication system, which is being used for easier communication within the organization. Technically, there is no value at all.

One of the goals of The Impact Networth is to bring all their members together as they meet each other as well as their leaders for the field.

According to some victims, the Impact Networth scam has an extensive book list that they want to show in the meeting. Because of this, the online training or education is barely beyond imagination since not all books are electronically converted via online yet.

As you get involved yourself to the Impact Networth scam, you will soon find out that you have lost your money and savings since the operators of this scam have the convincing powers of encouraging you to invest vast amount of money on real estate, insurances and many more.

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