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Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud can come in many forms and it is a serious crime that is committed all over the world, by people of a third world country wishing to improve their financial and social situation by illegally entering a first world country.

One of the most popular and less manageable from of immigration fraud is through a fake marriage to a citizen of the country you wish to enter.

The person that is willing is usually paid a large fee to go through with a wedding ceremony, live together, and have joint bank accounts.

The country that is being defrauded will have strict measures in place to try and catch the illegal immigrants and there are usually various questioners and documents that must be signed and performed by an official.

Many people have been caught helping foreigners enter their country illegally and have done serious jail time for this offense.

Another form of immigration fraud is when citizens of a country "hire" fake employees and fill out documents and that permit them to have a certain amount of alien immigrants working for them.

They fill out false documentation and forge signatures of officials, allowing the immigrants to apply for naturalization documents and Green Cards.

Since September 11 th , the issue behind fraud of this nature is more security related than anything else.

The government is worried that terrorist organizations will infiltrate the country by illegal methods such as fraud in order to do harm to the citizens.

This is why fraud is so dangerous, as it places the country in a very vulnerable position and potentially life threatening situation.

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