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Ignite Stream Energy Scam


Ignite Stream Energy Scam is another scam by a famed electricity supplying company named Ignite Stream Energy. Most of the folks consider it as a shocking scam while on the other hand some of the view that it is not a scam rather Ignite Stream Energy Company is an authentic company for providing energy.

This Ignite Stream Energy provides electricity for Texas residents so there is definitely a market cap or limit on potential. The Founder and Managing Partner of this Ignite Stream Energy Company is Chris Domhoff, an individual who was CEO of the Excel Company when they went bankrupt in 2004 and everyone in that business endeavor lost lots of money, including some corporates.

There are plenty of questions arising about this Ignite Stream Energy Scam. For example, Is Ignite Energy cheaper? Is it better for our current environment? Is it more consistent energy supply? Or is it another pyramid scheme?

Some investigators looked into this Ignite Stream Energy Scam thoroughly and came to determine that Ignite energy is not a scam for some individuals while it is a real Ignite Stream Energy Scam for others.

According to those who believe this Ignite Stream Energy Company is not a scam, the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) of Ignite Stream Energy Company was not much more than the average companies in the taxes but they are a smaller energy providing network so they are not able to offer their services at a broader level.

They think Stream Energy is not a real scam and it does focus on their products and real customers and not just recruiting individuals who recruit others so it is not a pyramid scheme.

But according to those who said Ignite Stream Energy Company is a real scam because it charges its hidden rates to its customers and when they complaint it then they take no notice of it and keep on charging them extra bucks.

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