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Chances are that you may have not yet heard of the Ohio Gop scandal.

If you have, perhaps you have not heard about all of juicy details. Here, we will take a closer look at what happened and what type of convictions have been imposed.

The Ohio Gop scandal involves coins. You see, in Ohio, the Republicans had been involved in a scandal that has resulted in the loss of rare coin investments.

This scandal had occurred in the Toledo area. The missing amount of money is at least two million dollars, which are known.

Tom Noe was a Gop fundraiser and coin dealer. He faces eighteen years in prison for embezzling at least two million dollars worth of rare coins from the state of Ohio. Some of the main charges included theft and corrupt activity.

Tom Noe was already sentenced two years in prison for pleading guilty to funneling forty five thousand dollars to President George Bush's re election campaign.

Another incident in which there was a Gop scandal was when Mark Foley sent sexually explicit instant messages to young men and had sexual relations with two of them.

Another Republican Congressman, Jim Kolbe, is also said to have had sexual relations with two young men.

Unfortunately, scandals within politics are more popular than we may believe they are. There are a number of different scandals with have happened recently with the

Republican party, which is part of the reason that many people believe that the Democrats did so well during this election.

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