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Global Travel International Scam


Consumers beware; there is a Global Travel International scam which could cost you a lot of money.

Global Travel International is using false advertising to lure you into their web.

Global Travel International ran a promotion searching for travel agents who wanted to create some overflow income.

They requested an upfront fee of $495 to be followed by a monthly fee to maintain their website.

With as little as 2 people below you, you would be able to generate residual income. Many people used their credit cards to pay this fee but the income never came.

Another promotion, which turned to out to be a Global Travel International scam, offered a 50% discount on hotel rates for those who signed up as an independent agent.

This fee was also $495 and was usually paid by credit card. At a later date Global Travel International told Super Clubs, a booking agency for Caribbean hotels, to deny these discounts to agents who had not met a booking quota.

In the original advertisement, Global Travel International stated that there were no quotas required.

Many people signed up for this benefit and have paid annual fees of $99 to $129 to maintain their independent agent status.

Global Travel International has obtained the cooperation with Super Clubs to rescind the benefits which were originally advertised.

However, they have not offered to refund any of the fees which they have collected.

Many people have lost thousands of dollars by participating in this advertised Global Travel International scam. Before doing any business with this company you should check the Internet for feedback which has been left by other people who have been scammed.

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