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Gasoline Tax Scam

The gasoline tax scam is usually in the form of email. The email has the usual title of "Confidential/Urgent Political Proposal" and the sender is named as the former US President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton.

In some gasoline tax scam emails, the name of Senator John McCain is also included. He is an associate and friend of President George W. Bush.

The gasoline tax scam email is being uttered by the sender as a "top secret" and confidential content. This email would usually start where they got the contact email of the receiver. It often says that the contacts were got from some online business inquiries.

The scammer senders would often say that they got your contact through online searches of citizens who can help them save their political career and family since the country is currently frustrating them.

The highlight contents of the gasoline tax scam email is when the sender introduced themselves as well that they are the top officials of the Senate Government of the United States who show interests of importation oil in the country of United Stated whereas the funds are currently trapped with the Federal Transportation Trust Fund that is dedicated in the improvement of the transportation business.

With the funds that are trapped, the officials are hoping to send the money to some overseas accounts most particular in the countries of Middle East .

However, the sending of money is not possible due to some restrictions in the Congress Transportation Equity Act whereas the money that will be send must be used to spent in building high speed trains, bridges and roads.

Once you get scammed of this gasoline tax scam emails, the sender will deliver the receiver a sum of money in the form of "Gas Tax Holiday".

Once the receiver had received the sum of money, he or she is entitled of delivering the money to some accounts of the officials' friends and associates that are located in the Middle East .

The act of delivering the money will be done by bringing the money to some nearby gasoline stations in Middle East where the information on where or to whom to forward the money is available.

Thereinafter, you care required to provide your bank account numbers, address, social security numbers as well as the receiver's vote in the "Democratic Primaries and November General" Election. Once you have supplied their required details, you are instructed of the absolute confidentiality of the transaction you have agreed with them.

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