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Free hacked credit card scams


Free hacked credit card scams have increased with the expansion of the Internet users and the increase of Internet users trust on online transactions. Cyberspace watchdogs report that during the holiday seasons such scams with hacked credit cards increase over 4 times. Phishing scams also increased similarly.

As mentioned, the target group for such fraudulent activities- with hacked credit cards numbers and other hacked information- are users of the Internet who have a certain amount of trust on information received over the Internet and completing monetary transactions through this media.

Watchdogs report that recently customers of financial service industry are more and more becoming the target, surpassing the most targeted groups belonging to the customers of eBay and PayPal. Note that the most targeted group includes the leading cyberspace transaction agent.

Customers, especially with online purchase/transaction history are sent emails that appear fairly official and legitimate. One of such make believe acts included e-mails being sent to VISA customers from visa-security.com , which is not owned or affiliated with the original financial service provider.

Noteably, the scammers similarly use domain names or email addresses that are expected to appear legitimate to the receiver. The target users asked to provide a checking account information, that is the account they are to be transfer with their bait prize/bonus.

If you have a credit card or an ATM card keep the following things in mind:

à Protect copies of your transaction receipts; destroy unnecessary records. Do Not Discard- DESTROY the piece of paper.

à Remember that dishonest cash clerks, in superstores, restaurants etc., can use a swiping device to record your account information for future fraudulent use. The recording of the information with the device is called skimming.

à Do not let anyone see or guess your PIN while entering it on the machines.

Another matter of concern in the credit card hacking scenario is the widespread offering of hacked credit card information. Net-surfers are lured by the scammers to make best of their ill motives.


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